In conjunction with exercise, dieters aspire to schnell abnehmen by modifying diet, particularly the calorie intake. A type of diet that is surging the market, highlighting a weight-loss miracle method, is the HCG diet.

The Breakthrough. The discovery of HCG diet way back in 1950s by Dr Simeons has caught the attention of the medical community. The diet involves the administration of HCG hormone in drops and injections; plus, a 500-caloric intake requirement.

How It Works. HCG is a pregnancy detector hormone. The hormone is believed to work out with a low calorie diet in ditching body fats. With its promising result, HCG diet assures a drop of one pound of fat everyday! (Note: a safe weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week).

Critics of HCG Diet. According to medical professionals, HCG diet is nothing but a scam. Despite of its marketing value, many users are not fully aware of its health risks. As far as losing weight, HCG diet has it; not because of the injected HCG, but rather, a result of minute caloric intake.

To say that HCG is approved by US FDA is correct, but only to address infertility-related problems. Nothing more. Moreover, FDA has banned the selling of HCG for weight loss purposes. The agency emphasized that the said prohibition is due to lack of proofs that support HCG as an effective weight loss supplement.

HCG is Far More Expensive. HCG is taken up to 40 days, and it costs around $ 600. This beef up when the person pays for specific food; and hire a personal trainer, adding about $ 2000.

At Present. Undeterred by criticisms, many doctors are still prescribing such diet plan, and many clients have been fooled by its effects. And still more studies backed the jeering. HCG diet does not endorse exercise. What the experts are now more concerned is the low calorie part of the diet, which may lead to binge eating after the diet is stopped.